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IR Lamps

IR Lamps

IR Lamps

Infrared (IR) light is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength longer than that of visible light and shorter than that of microwaves.

Infra-red is divided into Short Wave, which is used for pre-heating in industrial processes; Medium Wave, which is frequently used for drying and curing applications and Long Wave, often used in household applicances.

We supply IR lamps for many applications where infra-red heating is used such as:
  • Drying Print and Varnish
  • Drying Paint for the car industry
  • Semi-conductors
  • Drying Adhesives
  • Plastics
  • Soldering
  • Screen Printing on textiles
  • Graphic Arts
We can supply clear, gold coated, jacketed, and frosted IR lamps, plus many others for use in:

Abbess, Adnos, Adphos, Baldwin, Colordry, Eltosch, GEW, Dr Hönle, Heidelberg, IST, IVT, Spectral, Wallace Knight and many other systems.

We can also make lamps to OEM specifications.
We supply equivalents to the following Heidelberg IR Lamps

C7.170.0301 for SM102/CD102
M6.170.0301 for SM74/CD74
F7.170.0771 for Dryer 3000

If you require the services of an independent, qualified Heidelberg engineer (with over 25 years’ experience) please contact:

Frank Taylor of K&F Press Services on 07799 004842 or e-mail

Contact us now for all your IR Lamp requirements! Tel: 01297 678101  Mobile: 07958 985590  Email:

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