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With our long experience of servicing all makes of UV and IR equipment, we are fully aware of how important it can be to source spares quickly for your dryers.

Parts we can supply include:

Dichroic Reflectors

Dichroic reflector material reflects UV light but absorbs IR, normally into a heat sink or reflector housing which has been designed to suit.

By absorbing the infra-red radiation dichroic reflectors reduce the temperature to the substrate which is particularly important for heat sensitive materials.

Standard Aluminium Reflectors

Aluminium reflectors have been used in UV and IR dryers for many years. The aluminium reflects both UV and IR.
In some applications this added heat from infra-red radiation helps inks to cure.

We can supply both dichroic and aluminium reflectors for most systems or can make to your own specifications.

High voltage Ignitor 380MZN4000S

High powered ignitor for starting UV lamps, mainly in label presses or where chokes are used instead of transformers.

Discontinued product!  Only 10 pieces left in stock.

High Temperature Conveyor Belts

These are suitable for UV, IR, Hot Air and many other applications. They can be manufactured to suit any machine size.


High Voltage Capacitors to suit Constant Wattage Transformers
Power Factor Correction Capacitors
HT Cable
High Voltage Contactors
High Voltage Connectors
DI Resin
Cooling tubes and seals
Water couplings

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